Our History 1939-2009

“70 years experience and a wealth of expertise are used to formulate our feeds, supplements and herbal products to ensure that your horse is receiving the very best nutrition.

Many products contain additional antioxidants in the form of our unique QLC antioxidant package (Quality Life Care). This patented blend of natural, plant derived antioxidants has been formulated to support the horse’s own natural antioxidant system, promoting long-term health, condition and performance.”

Vi har dessutom fått en ny återförsäljare i Kristianstad, Kungsborgs Gårds Smedja i Önnestad. Roligt! Och bra för er kunder.

Deras öppettider: mån-fre 07.30-18.00, lördag 09.00- 13.00, övriga tider efter ök

Telefon: 070-568 99 89